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Save Our Allies | Ukraine


Some of our projects are top secret. When Russian invaded Ukraine and World Central Kitchen went to work there we were introduced to dozens of aid organizations with dozens of different needs and requirements. We are currently prototyping guard stations, medical tents, and dry storage. Some of our designs require that armored vehicles can drive inside.

This has also been an area where the sailing community has risen to the occasion. When we aren’t designing custom solutions, we are brokering waste around the world. Pictured here is a pallet of luxury yacht rigging from our friends at Offshore Rigging Services in Spain. We never touched the material but made the connection, organized delivery, and provided design support.


Status: ongoing

Size:  N/A

Program: Working with global sail material providers to move waste and deadstock to the nearest possible location to be of service. We just moved a pallet of rigging from Spain into Poland. 

Save Our Allies

Offshore Rigging Services



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