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World Central Kitchen | Poland​

50.11623°N, 19.82906°E

We were working with World Central Kitchen on their rebuilding efforts in Tonga when they called with an urgent request for support in Ukraine. They shared their coordinates and described their needs and we went to work. CoArchitects designed a solution and our friends at Doyle Sails and Dimension-Polyant were ready to source all the material we needed. We decided as a team that this was not a safe installation under the circumstances, so this installation did not happen.  The exercise changed the game for us and set us on the path we are on today. Custom solutions for immediate and temporary support using mostly nearby sails to solve urgent problems. 


Status: NA

Size:  80’x120’

Donated Sails: 40’ main sails were used in this design.

Program /Services: Dry storage for receiving and staging outside a commercial kitchen facility in Poland.

World Central Kitchen (WCK)

CO Architects



The next best thing you can do with your sails.