Solidarity I Mexico

Solidarity Engineering I Mexico

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We were introduced to the powerhouse team at Solidarity Engineering through our friends at World Central Kitchen. Solidarity shows up to crisis areas with engineering grit and gets stuff built! We are thrilled about the opportunity this relationship presents. They provide the muscle and we provide the design concepts and material. We tweak it on the ground together. It’s a match made in humanitarian heaven. Stay tuned for all the locations we plan to support together! In the US/Mexico we are working on shade coverage at two asylum seeker camps and a playground. 

Location: Del Bordo 210, Ramos, 88520 Reynosa, Tamps, Mexico

Project Details:

Status: Fall 2022

Size:  2x 80’x120’ shade structures

Donated Sails: 8 various laminated sails (more needed!!)

Fabric:  Laminates: Carbon aramid with film on both sides.

Program: Working with Solidarity Engineering to provide basic shade and shelter. Senda 1 will explore full coverage. Senda 2 will explore a central community design for Senda 2. The playground is being designed by BCGI. The build is designed to provide shade, hope, and play for the kids waiting for legal entry into the US.

Solidarity Engineering
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