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The Doyle Sails loft network is in safe hands with Auckland’s head office home to the Doyle Sails International offices, strong and steady is Emma Hendy the COO of the group.

Hendy’s approach is simple and direct, not one to shy away from an impossible task. For the past 8 years, Emma has worked with the brand. Throughout this time has come the need for evolution within the sustainability pillar of the business model and a direct focus on the end of the life cycle of sails not only within Doyle Sails but the marine industry as a whole.

Emma has come on board with the Sail to Shelter Board of Advisors with Doyle Sails International to use the Doyle Sails connections with over 50 lofts and customers all over the globe through their network to get sails delivered to the Sail to Shelter initiative.


Kenneth has been involved with sailcloth since the start of his sailing career. At 12 years old he was designing sails based on C.A. Marchaj theory of sailing and making them with his mother’s garment fabrics. Kenneth’s designs quickly evolved, and his passion for precision lead him to sail with and against some of the best sailors in the world. Today, Kenneth is president of Dimension-Polyant’s USA operation and continues his quest for perfection.

Thanks to the company, hundreds of sailcloth styles are produced and sold to sailmakers around the world generating lots of pleasure and victories for the sailing community. In 2021, Dimension-Polyant’s two production plants in Germany and USA proudly became 100% carbon neutral. Kenneth says, “It’s only natural that we amplify our sustainability initiatives by collaborating with Sail to Shelter and sailors around the world to upcycle their sails for people in need”.


Captain Breezy Grenier is a modern-day explorer with the ocean serving as her home, workplace, and playground. A Coast Guard Veteran and URI Alumna, her background is as diverse as it is unique. Having had to constantly pivot and adapt to her personal life’s track, she became a serial oceanprenuer, tying in from her own experiences to aid in knowledge and skills exchange, bridging gaps, in the blue economy realm.
She is the owner of Breezy SEAS; President and Co-Founder of South Coast AI; opening the New England Waterworld Training (NEWT) Center; and establishing Farm-A-Sea. In addition to her own businesses, she wears several other hats, working in the fields of marine renewable energy, chemical engineering, snowsports instruction, volunteer fire services, is the Technical Director of a Corinthian sailing team and licensed 200 ton captain.
She is a firm believer in trade work and life skills, and aims to connect industries across disciplines, to form strategic partnerships, incorporating old methods with new techniques, after generational lessons learned, to save our oceans with common sense, sustainable solutions.


A native San Franciscan and global life enthusiast with an addiction to golf anywhere anytime!

Currently, Scott is the Founder of Farm from a Box building off-grid agricultural infrastructures
for small-scale farms up to 12 acres in multiple markets globally providing the proverbial fishing
pole to communities for revenue and a better life.

Scott attended UCLA in the early 80’ and spent the rest of the decade playing professional golf in
Europe and Coaching the National Team in Norway.

Upon return to the US of A, Scott applied his energies and a keen sense for detail and logistics to
his event companies like San Francisco Event Solutions and San Francisco Sports Counsel which
culminated in an event called the International Children’s Games with 1648 athletes from 44
countries and 87 cities playing 8 sports for 5 days…

Scott works a great deal with his local community group The Guardsmen raising capital for
underserved youth in San Francisco and enjoys an active membership with fellow wanderers at the Explorers Club!


In Meg’s consulting practice and as an advisor to nonprofits, she works on forward-thinking environmental initiatives to promote ocean conservation, electric mobility, and sustainable agriculture. With over 30 years of experience in law, public affairs, city government, and sustainability, she provides her clients with effective solutions.

For marine conservation nonprofits, she works as an advisor to support programs that protect species and ecosystems while engaging others in their work. She helps them form strategic partnerships to expand their reach while improving their fundraising efforts.

One of her interests is to get the sailing community more involved in ocean conservation by forming partnerships between nonprofits and the St. Francis Yacht Club so that members can become engaged in nonprofit efforts, through her position on the club’s Executive Race Committee as Sustainability Subcommittee Chair.


As a lifelong sailor and sustainability enthusiast Sean Falvey has spent his professional career building projects for clients in the education, science & technology, and commercial business sectors.  Most of his projects have been delivered via collaborative arrangement where he partners with the architect team to develop a design that most efficiently solves the clients needs.  A few of his favorites include building a half-pipe skate ramp in the lobby of a well-known tech company’s office, and a 120-seat planetarium that has been used to screen deep space images from NASA’s James Webb Telescope.

In addition to his day-job, Sean serves as a trustee for the Construction Industry Education Foundation, where he works to educate students of all ages (and their parents!) about the great career opportunities available to them in the construction industry. 

Sean has joined on as an advisor to work with the multidisciplinary team to develop solutions that can be efficiently produced and scaled across the world.


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