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The Lahaina Project

Friends, if you have ever experienced the magic of a sunset on Maui, this message is for you.

On August 8 we watched the vibrant and historic Lahaina Town on Maui go up in flames. The fire took generations of history and ripped through thousands of lives. The magnitude of the loss intensifies daily as the realities around infrastructure deficiencies bear down hard on these already devastated families.

Sail to Shelter can help in two really important ways:

1) Shade. Our solutions enhance the vitality of the pop-up and temporary housing solutions by providing shade over the top of these units. Outdoor living is essential in Hawaii, our installations are gorgeous, durable and expand living space by 100% in some cases.

2) Gig work. We hire local fire victims to help fabricate and install our solutions. We are already connected to sailmakers and facilities to get going as soon as the material arrives.

Through our incredible partnerships we have secured a few retired superyacht sails and transport to Maui, all made possible through generous donations. We are relying on cash donations to execute. We are asking for $50,000.00 to launch operations on Maui.

Sail to Shelter was created to serve refugees. Think of us like the World Central Kitchen for shade. Instead of showing up with food, we show up with shade and shelter, and hire locally for engineering and construction support.

Have a look at some of the exciting ideas Co Architects have created for the Lahaina Project.

**These are concepts and are offered to illustrate what is possible. We will always use and consider local aesthetics, principles, and practices. Anything is possible.

Structures are based on early feedback and the need to create community and pockets of comfort. The teepee is our custom frame, which now includes a floor and earth anchors. Designs include shade reaching across tiny homes and containers to create air movement and shade.

Our goal for October is $50,000.00. Help us today!

As soon as we reach our goal we will hire local people and begin to fabricate and install custom-designed shade solutions constructed from retired sails. Donate here.

* Ukumehame Beach Park, Sep 8, 2023.

Sail to Shelter relies on cash donations and corporate sponsorships to execute our plans. Give today and watch how far your dollar will go by Thanksgiving. Donate today.

Your support will give some the ability to rebuild their community and make some money. Ninety percent of all our materials are donated. Your dollars will go directly to funding operations for The Lahaina Project.

I am going to pop in every day this week to remind you how important this initiative is.

I will share details about all the things we have lined up to support this very special community.

I will share stories about the sails we are using, and the history around our partnership with Ocean Voyages Institute. I will share a word from my dear friend and sailmaking royalty, Barry Spanier.

Stay tuned. We have lots of good work to do.



**Angela and Barry Spanier on Red Dog Yacht working out prototypes. Thanks North for the SY sail!

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