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The journey of a sail

Every sail loft in the world has the same problem. They all look something like the first photo. Sails piled and stashed everywhere.

A practical and sustainable solution has probably never gotten wind because doing it at scale is really hard.

When your commercial purpose is to design and make the best sails in the world, the model, naturally, does not included second-life strategy. Until now.

Watch the journey of this piece of superyacht sail that we picked up in San Diego.

This piece of sail would normally go into landfill. Instead, because a bunch of people said “yes”, it is heading to Maui!

There, it will extend the outdoor living space by creating vital shade for a family who lost everything in the fires that ripped through Lahaina. (Those scissors were not used in the deconstruction of this sail. IYKYK)

It took us an hour to get one corner off.

But once you get it rolled out, measure twice and cut once. We got cookin!

Roll it up

Strap it on.

Meeting the master. Barry Spanier,

Working with the master.

Juki time. On a boat? Yes, please!

Shop dog appreciates the shade.

Back to basics.

Our partners have covered 90% of the cost of materials, design, and transportation.

Can you help us have them made, but locals, for locals?

Help us install this shade and hundreds more, made locally using 100 % donated materials from our partners.

You can help the victims of the Lahaina fires by giving them jobs and shade, today.

What happens next is up to you.

Thank you.

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